Open Door


Every Thursday
from 14:00 on

Welcome to our weekly open door event, 
we invite artists, designers, philosophers, artstudents who are on the spectrum or identify as autistic or neuro queer and have an affinity with the subject to come by and connect with like-minded individuals.

This is an open safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences, showcasing your portfolio, and discussing any doubts or challenges you may be facing. Our A team will be here to support you and provide valuable feedback to help you grow as an artist.

In addition, we have a growing library of books on art and neurodiversity that you are welcome to browse and read during the event. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the intersection of art and neurodiversity and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow artists.

We believe that creativity comes in all forms, and we want to celebrate and empower artists who are on the spectrum. Join us every week for a welcoming and inclusive
talk in an environment that fosters artistic growth and community.