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lə-ˈbȯr-ə-ˌtȯr- ē

Artistic Research Lab


The Artistic Research Foundation aims to be a platform for experimental artistic research and artistic production in a broad and ambitious sense, yet on a decidedly small and intimate scale. We are positioned on the outskirts of Amsterdam’s established artistic centre, geographically as well as conceptually, where we explore untrodden paths and autonomous quests into redefining artistic parameters, frameworks, matter, and methods.

The Foundation expresses a special interest in neurodiversity in the art world, as we perceive a yet unexplored treasure of sensitivities and sensibilities in this significant part of the artists community. We aim to focus especially - but not exclusively - on growing, nurturing and building a platform for neurodiverse talents.

The Artistic Research Foundation is dedicated to supporting independent and innovative explorations within a multitude of disciplines and media. We facilitate artists by providing them with a tranquil oasis, to think, to experiment, to connect, to brainstorm, to produce, and to showcase research and work in progress.

Bringing together exciting and emerging national and international artists, designers, thinkers, writers, musicians, and performers, we challenge them to share their established practices as well as bring their most vulnerable, blooming projects in contact with others.

This may lead to contemporary, multidisciplinary reflections, art installations, performances, lectures, workshops, building an archive, an art collection, a labyrinthine mind garden, a healing botanical green house, a sensory deprivation rage room installation, a unique library, a wunderkammer
or anything else that may be relevant to a germination of crossovers.


Ŭntrŏd′n päths

The processes and outcomes of these meetings aim to lead to unpredictable poetic serendipity within a growing and dynamically critical & differently wired community. This rhizomatic tapestry of artistic propositions will strengthen the positions and connections of the individual artists, and support the development of a network of collaborative practices.

We believe genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but it blooms in an environment of complementary minds.


Art Salon
The Artistic Research Foundation tries to achieve its objectives by, - among other things - : offering research and production support; highlighting the projects of selected artists and designers through diverse media; designing, managing and maintaining a website; offering locations for exhibitions of material or imaterial artworks to selected artists and designers.

The Foundation is housed in a beautiful and intimate artist studio in IJburg which will be available for its activities. The space is located on the IJburglaan, a broad, main street in the relatively newly built and rather remote neighbourhood of IJburg, an isle on the edge of the city of Amsterdam.

The studio can be used as a workspace, a research lab, a meeting space, an atelier and a photo studio, but it is also an excellent location for a  modern exclusive inclusive
;-) neurodiverse artistic/literary salon, exhibitions, public programs, workshops and intimate cultural events, due to its large windows facing the street and its separate public entrance.
Furthermore, the Artistic Research Foundation houses a growing library and archive of relevant publications, media, and artworks.
The Foundation will optimise, maintain nurture and invest in the space, the library, the art, the artists & the seeds in the garden in order to welcome a variety of artists and their work in the future, host various activities and events, and prepare for unexpected initiatives and proposals.

By investing in this versatile studio and opening up its space to temporary artistic residencies, think tanks, exhibitions, performances, and other programs, the Foundation aims to make maximum use of its unique layout and location. The available physical space of the Foundation, in a neighbourhood that is underrepresented in terms of creative initiatives, is intended to provide the mental and conceptual space for experiment and research.

Like the artistic/literary Salons of 19th and 20th century Paris, the Artistic Research Foundation serves to guide, assist, collect, connect and inspire artists to get up, stand up, speak out and develop their work and showcase the beauty of autistic minds to the world.



Income and management

The assets of the Artistic Research Foundation to support its mission will be formed by
a. grants and other contributions;
b. gifts, bequests and legacies;
c. fees for services to other organisations
d. all other acquisitions and income.

The Foundation will be managed by a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in the arts and cultural management . The board, consisting of Annelies Wina Doom (Chair), Arjan David van Amsterdam (Secretary), and Kristin Maurer (Boardmember) will ensure the smooth functioning of the institution and will provide support to the artists and residents. The board members of The Artistic Research foundation perform their work on a voluntary base. We adhere to the three codes of conduct of the Dutch cultural sector: the Governance Code for Culture, the Fair Practice Code, and the Code Diversity and Inclusion. The Foundation will also focus on sustainable practices, including reducing its carbon footprint, using environmentally friendly materials, and supporting environmentally conscious artists and initiatives.

Since its founding in February 2022, the Artistic Research Foundation researches, hosts artist meetings and brainstorm sessions, co-initiated and cocurates

the A / artist program @ mediamatic

develops future cultural programs and research initiatives, documents projects and events, coaches artists, and more generally developed its network and its project space. It was open to organisations like Mediamatic, Dutch Design week, Museum Night, Cinemaximiliaan and many more. The Foundation seeks to initiate new collaborations and build on them, to expand its programs by collaborating with other artists, organisations and institutions, both locally and internationally, and by offering new autist in residency opportunities. The infrastructure will be developed by improving accessibility, sustainability, and long term relevancy of its networks and facilities.

To maintain its small scale and intimate atmosphere, the institution will limit the number of exhibitions and events it holds and will prioritise always quality over quantity.

( free after a rose is a rose is a rose  - Gertrude Stein)

How is time inclusive ?

Ring Ring

De la part de qui venez vous ?

friends & people of importance  & mostly without money knocking on the door to enter

Salon a la / inspired by G. Stein

The Foundation will use its website to inform artists and organisations of possible collaborations and opportunities, as well as the general public in case of open events.


For News see FK Rapunzel 2023 

  Iranian schoolgirls removing their hijabs in the protests over the death of #MashaAmini

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 Iranian schoolgirls removing their hijabs in the protests over the death of #MashaAmini X Dal-e3 X Magritte X Autistic Research 
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time frame

The first years (2022-2024) we have a focus on fundraising, building & growing our network, co-initiating and co-curating, planting seeds, researching, and improving the special project space by making it more & more available for selected artists and collaborations, form alliances with curious and daring artists, art institutions and making a start with programming exciting artists and events.


The artistic research foundation does not aim to make profit and is
identified by the tax authorities as a cultural public benefit organization:
ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)








Mailing address:
Stichting Artistic Research
IJburglaan 1503,
1087 KM, Amsterdam

Phone: (+31)(0)6 - 575 77 287


RSIN/fiscal number: 863683198

Registration number of the Chamber of Commerce: 85611050

Bank Details: ING bank
IBAN: NL03 INGB 0675 5385 21